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Item Code: A-WC640
Wholesale Price: $14.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  377

Get the constant best-seller!
Experience the power of African style with hand-carved canes from Kenya. These impeccable works of art double as functional walking sticks. Designs all vary. ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC604
Wholesale Price: $11.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  98

"God is really another artist. He created the giraffe." - Anonymous Quote

Bring this unforgettable artistry to your home with the Giraffe mask. Hand-carved in Kenya, this mask personifies ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC649
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  106

24" hard carved giraffe. Have a bit of Africa in your home. Oversized shipping charges apply. Made in Kenya. A-WC649 More Details
Item Code: A-WC051
Wholesale Price: $49.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  7

When you crave for history
A rare museum collectors item from southeastern Tanzania, created by the Makonde people. Worn at initiation ceremonies, this body mask is worn by a male dancer who ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC064
Wholesale Price: $14.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  11

Elephant Wood Plaque
Embrace the majesty and beauty of the African elephant with this completely hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. The tusk is removable. 13" X 10". A-WC064 More Details
Item Code: A-WC170
Wholesale Price: $17.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  16

Stylized Chiwara. One of the more ornate and symbolic carvings, the chiwara represents the spirit of good fortune for agriculture in West Africa. In ancient times most of the Sahara desert was ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC333
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  8

African Thinker Statue
Impressive version of the hand-carved thinker statue that enlightens any room or area with the spirit of Africa. Get yours now. 10-12 tall! Comes in black or brown. Made More Details

Item Code: A-WC621
Wholesale Price: $5.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  685

The giraffe is an animal that brings to your mind the savanna-jungle area of Africa. This hand carved wooden figure is sure to add a unique, exotic touch to your home. Small enough to fit on any ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC622
Wholesale Price: $11.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  278

Capture Romance
Discover a new feeling with this 12" giraffe couple. Hand-carved of solid wood. This is carved from wood from the Jacaranda tree. Ordering more than 12 can incur oversized ... More Details

Item Code: A-WC625
Wholesale Price: $79.00 per EACH
# in Stock:  44

Get noticed!
Full sized wood giraffes expertly carved and polished in Kenya, East Africa. An outstanding, towering piece of the African world brought right to your doorstep! This is carved from More Details

Item Code: A-WC601
Wholesale Price: $9.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  25

Enjoy a true piece of African heritage!
Majestic African Maasai masks give a creative touch to any home. The Maasai people pass these masks down from generation to generation to honor their ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC602
Wholesale Price: $11.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  126

This authentic African wall hanging powerfully conveys the strength and elegance of African wildlife. Adorning any wall, this piece will attract the attention of all who see it and make a nice ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC323
Wholesale Price: $21.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  23

Discover the Joy of Africa's Many Faces!
These ornate masks have extremely detailed carving and are made only from the finest mahogany wood. Each one stands 21-24" tall. All masks vary slightly, More Details
Item Code: A-WC066
Wholesale Price: $17.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  5

Enjoy the symbolism of the old man and Africa within this Old Man Africa Wood Plaque. Hang on your walls or lean on your shelf. Measures 10" x 13". Hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. A-WC066 More Details
Item Code: A-WC063
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  15

Enjoy the beauty of this African Woman Working Wood Plaque. Hang on your walls or lean on your shelf. Measures 11.5" x 5". Hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. A-WC063 More Details
Item Code: A-WC110
Wholesale Price: $7.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  29

Capture Romance
Discover a new feeling with this 8" giraffe couple. Hand-carved of solid wood. This is carved from wood from the Jacaranda tree. Made in Kenya. A-WC110

More Details
Item Code: A-WC069
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  28

Explore African Mysticism
Bring the remarkable beauty of African Ashanti masks to your home with these brass, beaded wooden masks from Ghana. These masks are used as a way to honor ancestors ... More Details
Item Code: A-WC053
Wholesale Price: $14.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  80

Africa Animals Wooden Plaque
Celebrate African culture with this eye-catching wooden animal plaque. Completely hand-crafted in Kenya. 12" long X 10" wide. A-WC053 More Details
Item Code: A-WC054
Wholesale Price: $14.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  15

Two Elephant Wood Plaque
Share the beauty and wildlife of Africa with this hand-crafted plaque, featuring two elephants reaching for the same piece of fruit. Carved in South Africa, this plaque ... More Details
Item Code: A-E023
Wholesale Price: $3.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  155

Hand carved in Kenya, these fertility doll statues are replicas of the Ashanti fertility dolls in Ghana. The Ashanti people of West Africa attribute a special beauty to round faces. 4-5" tall. Made ... More Details
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