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Item Code: M-M010
Wholesale Price: $99.00 per EACH

Full sized authentic African D'jembe Drum ( Approx. 23" tall with 11"-13" head ). Available from a variety of different west African countries. Drums are made in Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and ... More Details
Item Code: M-M014
Wholesale Price: $49.00 per EACH
# in Stock:  55

Medium-sized djembe drum
Djembe Drums are a traditional African musical instrument, and this entire instrument is handmade. The drum surface is goat skin, and the base is made of sturdy carved ... More Details
Item Code: M-M015
Wholesale Price: $39.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  13

Approx. 14"-15" tall and 8.5" diameter. Made in Senegal. 2 or more can incur oversized shipping. M-M015 More Details
Item Code: M-M016
Wholesale Price: $24.50 per EACH
# in Stock:  79

The #7 top product; Djembe Drum - small size.
Djembe Drums are a traditional African musical instrument. The entire instrument is hand made. The drum surface is leather made from goat skin ... More Details
Item Code: M-M018
Wholesale Price: $11.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  111

Money Saver for Music Lovers Bring the rhythm of Africa to life with these miniature d'jembe drums from Burkina Faso and Senegal. These are exceptional home decorations and great for kids as well. ... More Details
Item Code: M-M011
Wholesale Price: $99.00 per ONE

Full sized authentic African D'jembe Drum ( 23" tall with top 13" in diameter ). Deep, rich, and loud bass tones: the sound can be heard for miles in quiet African bush country. The music of the ... More Details
Item Code: M-M013
Wholesale Price: $69.00 per ONE
# in Stock:  54

Medium/Large-sized djembe drum
Djembe Drums are a traditional African musical instrument, and this entire instrument is handmade. The drum surface is goat skin, and the base is made of sturdy ... More Details

Item Code: M-M005
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  34

Keep Your Drums Well Dressed
Carry your drums in stylish safety with these hand-sewn Djembe bags. Lovely African fabrics are double stitched with quilted padding keeping your drum in soft, ... More Details

Item Code: M-M030
Wholesale Price: $395.00 per EACH
# in Stock:  4

Dundun Drums. Three drum set gives you the full range of pitch for a great range of music. Sticks included.

  • Large dundunba drum is 25.5 tall and 15.5 in diameter.
  • Medium ... More Details
Item Code: M-M060
Wholesale Price: $290.00 per EACH
# in Stock:  3

Resounding sounds for the modern drummer!
Enjoy the finest BougaraBou drums available. They produce a deep, resonant bass and crisp highs. The craftsmanship used will stand up to the most ... More Details
Item Code: M-M120
Wholesale Price: $2.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  561

Everyone's favorite!
Children and adults alike love these hand-made tic toc drums. A fun and easy way to play African music. Each one is 13" High and 3-4" Diameter and sold separately. Many ... More Details
Item Code: M-M024
Wholesale Price: $23.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  23

Talking Drum. A traditional musical instrument found in Africa. Even today, the variable sound made by striking the talking drum can be heard throughout rural areas. The talking drum is normally ... More Details
Item Code: M-M009
Wholesale Price: $29.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  26

Carry your drum in protection and artistry with these vibrant carrying cases.
24" tall, 16" diameter upper opening, 9" diameter base opening. Djembe drums with extra large bases will not fit in More Details
Item Code: M-M001
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  100

These authentic, real, goat skin drum heads are to used to change an old or cracked Djembe head with a new one. Perfect for your Djembe. Approx. 27" X 27". Colors vary. Made in Senegal. M-M001 More Details
Item Code: M-M001:C
Wholesale Price: $39.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  1

These authentic, real, cow skin drum heads are to used to change an old or cracked Djembe head with a new one. You can make 3-4 drums heads with one. Mostly hairless, but some may have some patches More Details
Item Code: M-M003
Wholesale Price: $3.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  70

Slip the rod in between the strings and the head of a Djembe drum to add an extra musical element to drum playing. Also known as Kzink Kzinks for the metallic sound they generate when the D'jembe ... More Details
Item Code: M-M010DAMAGED

Prices vary from $10. to 70. depending on the damage. Full size D'Jembe drums with damage or imperfections - Damage is often a torn or damaged drum head, or may be a damaged shell or other ... More Details
Item Code: M-M122
Wholesale Price: $1.99 per ONE
# in Stock:  351

Safari Animal Tic Toc Drum
Celebrate the sounds and scenery of Africa with these hand-crafted tic toc drums. Painted with safari motifs and includes cowrie shells on string. Perfect for adults ... More Details
Item Code: M-M128
Wholesale Price: $3.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  172

Animal shaker comes in assorted designs like giraffes, elephants or zebras or more. None can be specified. 12" long x 3" wide. Made in Kenya. M-M128 More Details
Item Code: M-M032
Wholesale Price: $5.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  27

Enjoy the sounds of Africa while playing the Goat skin drum. Made of wood and covered in goat fur. Approx. 7" high. 5" diameter. Assorted colors and designs, but none can be specified. Made in ... More Details
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