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Item Code: M-E011
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  32

Happiness Aromatherapy Spray

The perfect blend of essential oils to bring joy and happiness to your day
A unique mixture of fun and exciting essential oils
This fruity and floral ... More Details
Item Code: M-E012
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  35

This all natural mosquito repellent is free from harmful chemicals. It continues to work even after the scent fades. This extra absorbent and pleasant spray is also safe for children and pets. Deet ... More Details
Item Code: O-L184-E
Wholesale Price: $17.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  24

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender has an instantly calming effect on nerves, relieving tension, depression, and even headaches! For skin care lavender oil can help to tone and improve the ... More Details
Item Code: O-P404-E
Wholesale Price: $14.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  16

Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil
This healing oil soothes skin irritation and is known to heal acne, dermatitis, and calm itching, and inflamed skin. Not only this, the smell is a great way ... More Details
Item Code: O-L181-E
Wholesale Price: $7.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  12

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender has an instantly calming effect on nerves, relieving tension, depression, and even headaches! For skin care lavender oil can help to tone and improve the ... More Details
Item Code: O-M774-E
Wholesale Price: $23.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  7

Myrrh Essential Oil - 4 oz.
Myrrh essential oil has a soothing, woodsy earthy smell that has often been used for its incredible health benefits. Myrrh has been used for centuries to reduce ... More Details
Item Code: M-E010
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  50

Get someconfidence with this Essentials spray. Essential oils keep you feeling confident. 2 oz. M-E010

To use: Shake lightly before using. Spray in room or on body to achieve ... More Details

Item Code: O-F334-E
Wholesale Price: $23.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  10

Frankincense Essential Oil
Stimulate your senses with the sweet, balsamic fragrance of frankincense essential oil. This warm aroma helps to relieve stress and depression and improve mental ... More Details
Item Code: M-E004
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  49

Relieve stress with Frankincense, Litsea Cubeba, Orange, and Myrrh Essential Oils. 2 oz. M-E004

To use: Shake lightly before using. Spray in room or on body to calm and ... More Details

Item Code: M-E005
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  40

Get some mental clarity with this Essentials spray. Essential oils keeps your mind focused and clear. 2 oz. M-E005

To use: Shake lightly before using. Spray in room or on body to ... More Details

Item Code: H-041-1
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  28

Sleep Soundly Essential Oil Blend
Soothe yourself to sleep and reduce symptoms of insomnia with this essential oil blend. Made with a calming blend of sweet orange, mandarin, cedarwood, and ... More Details
Item Code: H-042-1
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  43

Pick Me Up Essential Oil Blend
Refresh your senses with the invigorating aroma of peppermint, lemon, and rosemary essential oils. These oils work together to: - Relieve stress
- Improve ... More Details
Item Code: H-043-1
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  14

Mental Clarity Essential Oil Blend - 1 oz.
Need to focus your energy? Then this essential oil blend is for you! Mental clarity combines the revitalizing effects of peppermint essential oil with ... More Details
Item Code: H-044-1
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  15

Breath Easy Essential Oil Blend
Want to find a natural way to clear your airways and breath freely? Try this essential oil blend! Whether you have a cold, suffer from allergies, or just want a ... More Details
Item Code: H-045-1
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  15

Immune Booster Essential Oil Blend
Are you in need of a boost? This specialty essential oil blend is made with the best immune-boosting oils we could find. You can burn this oil in your home, ... More Details
Item Code: M-E006
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  62

Attract someone with this special spray. Essential oils helps to put things into the mood of love. 2 oz. M-E006

To Use: Shake lightly before using. Spray in room or on body ... More Details

Item Code: H-040-1
Wholesale Price: $4.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  32

Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend
Reduce stress and improve your mood with this calming blend of lavender and bergamot essential oils. Studies have shown that these two oils blended together can More Details
Item Code: M-E003
Wholesale Price: $7.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  42

Use essential oils to help with sore muscles. 6 oz. M-E003

To use: Gently massage cream onto sore muscles and aches

Ingredients: Water, Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Menthol, ... More Details

Item Code: O-B164-E
Wholesale Price: $11.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  4

Basil Essential Oil
Experience the numerous health and therapeutic benefits of basil. There are so many ways you can use it! Easily infuse your cooking with delicious flavor by adding a few ... More Details
Item Code: O-C674-E
Wholesale Price: $14.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  2

Enjoy the scent of Cloves which is essential on any festive occasion. Made in Indonesia.4 oz. O-C674-E

Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

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