Famous African Artists: Theodore Asshola

Get to know the creator of the gorgeous batik paintings sold at Africa Imports! Discover more about the wonderful world of batik painting, and the artistry and creative thinking behind it!

Theodore Asshola was born into the royal family of Benin. His great grandfather, Obayemi, was once the king of Benin. Theodore had a great love of the rituals and people of his country and felt the desire to demonstrate that through his batik paintings.

Thedore has lived in many African countries. After spending most of his childhood in Benin, he moved to Nigeria and then finally to the Ivory Coast where he studied batik painting for 8 years. Afterwards he escaped the turmoil in Ivory Coast and moved to Mali, where he lives today.

The wonderful thing about this artist is that he is more than a painter, he is a humanitarian. He now teaches younger men who have no funds for schooling the art of batik painting. This gives them income and a steady occupation. He does all this for absolutely no cost.

Theodore was married in 1982. He has six children, three boys and three girls; ages 4 to 18. Theodore says, "Of the things I love, I love first of all God, and all things honest and just" Each of his paintings is a time-consuming creation with the love and insight that only someone like Theodore can communicate. Be part of the magic and artistry by owning or selling Theodore's signature artwork. Each piece transforms any room into an African haven. Every time you buy one of these batiks you are helping to support Theodore, and his students as well.


Theodore Asshola outside of his home in Mali, West Africa.