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The items included in this kit are Africa Imports' long time best sellers. If it works for us, it will work for you

4 Ways Selling Oils Can Grow Your Business:

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Order your Fragrance Oil Kit here, 
only $99.00.


  1. You save money
    If you order all of the items here separately, you would need to pay almost $50. more than this. With this kit you get everything you need quickly, and save yourself a lot of money and time.
  2. You succeed faster
    People who have the extra products from this starter kit sell more than people who don't. This kit gives you the best-selling oils and easy ways to package and sell them.
  3. You get new customers to come back again 
    Lots of people love trying new oils. Because these oils are pure, uncut, and high quality, people will keep buying from you after they have tested something even one time. Oils sales seem to grow by themselves ... all you need is to have the fragrances available
  4. Samples make you money.
    Giving your customers samples is the best way to dramatically increase your sales. Once they see the quality they will definitely want their own. Everyone loves a sample! Photos and names in a catalog can never compare to the joy of trying something for yourself.

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Read Below to Calculate How Much Money You Will Make

"The bottles sold the first week I had them. My mom was telling me about Africa Imports for 3 years and I finally started.  I have only two empty bottles left.  I love the compliments and I love the products!  The products got here quicker than promised.  I give you guys an A++ to infinity!"

- Tasha from NC

What you get with this start up kit:

  • The top 12 fragrance oils in 1/3 oz sizes
  • A classic, wooden oil display that holds 92 bottles.
  • 48 empty roll-on bottles in the most popular 1/3 ounce size with pre-printed labels
  • The top 4 best selling oils in 4 oz sizes

Profit 100% on this first order! Here is the basic math:

  • Your four 4 oz. bottles of oil will fill forty-eight 1/3 oz. bottles. You'll also get the set of 12 best-selling 1/3 oz. oils. This gives you 60 bottles of oils total to sell.
  • The suggested retail price of a roll-on bottle is $3.90. Take this times 60 bottles and you have $234 in your pocket!

Pick up your Starter Kit now, click here.

Here's how to do it:

Start by taking your fragrances to work, to church, to school, or somewhere you spend time with other people.  Set up one of the oil burners at your desk or kitchen to show off what you have. Even though people may not like everything that you offer, everyone wants to smell good.  Pick out some people to tell about your new business, and let them try out your scents.

For each bottle that you give out, people will buy between two and three more fragrances from you on the average. 

Once someone has tried your fragrances and likes them, show them an oil burner or a catalog with even more scents to choose from.  If you can tell them the benefits that oils have over perfumes and colognes, you will have a customer who keeps coming back and tells others about you.  You can also present them with hundreds of other products later ranging from soaps and beauty products to clothing and artwork.

Once a customer has bought from you more than once, they are extremely likely to buy from you again.  Other businesses call this "a relationship" and these businesses will pay a lot of money to get this. You can get dozens of these "relationships" each week - and get paid while you do.  

It is still work to service your customers; but it is a lot easier than finding new customers who will buy from you.  You can get a big group of customers fast, without working hard at selling.

What makes oil different from colognes or perfumes?

The answer is simple. Perfumes are composed of about 90% alcohol and 10% oil. Oil is the fragrance, and alcohol is what is used to cut it down. 

The reason that perfumes and colognes are cut so much with alcohol is that it makes the wearing time shorter; hence you will run out of perfume faster and need to buy more. It also makes the perfume cheaper to sell. If you decide to buy a perfume the normal wearing time will last a few hours; however if you put on an oil you will still be able to smell the aroma 24 hours later.  The fragrance is stronger which means you only have to wear a few drops for it to be effective. 

Oils are not only used for wearing, but also for burning. You can burn oils anywhere to create a new and different atmosphere and effect.

Pick up your Starter Kit now, click here.


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