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What kind of information do you need from me?

How do I edit the shopping cart?

How do I edit the non-shopping cart section of my website?

How do I pay for my website?

How do I change my domain name?

How do I get the information to access  my website?

Can I use the photos on for my website?

How to put photos on my website

Do orders come to me or are they drop-shipped?

How long will it take to have my site up and running after I purchase it?

How do I cancel my website?

How will anyone find my website?

Can I carry products that are not from Africa Imports?

How do I get rid of error messages on my shopping cart?

- How do I setup email accounts?

- Basic Regularly asked questions.

CPanel User Guide

How do I Change the Privacy Notice, Conditions of use & Shipping and Returns sections of the shopping cart?

How to get all of the product photos and descriptions?

Youtube Videos

How to login to your website

How to login to your website


How to login to your website

How to edit your website


How to login to your website

How to work on your shopping cart

How to login to your website

Creating a new product in your shopping cart

How to login to your website

Setting up Pay Pal Express in your shopping cart

How to login to your website

Creating Email Accounts


How to login to your website

Editing company information in your oscommerce shopping cart


How to login to your website

Adding colors and sizes to products


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Here are some frequently asked questions to help make creating your own web site easy and effective.

What kind of information do we need from you?

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After purchasing a website you will receive an email letting you know what information we need. Please read and answer all the questions in detail so we can personalized your website to fit your company best. To see what information will be requested in the email Click the link below:

- Shopping Cart Website Questions

Once you reply with all the information needed please allow between 1-3 business days for your site to be completed. Once your site has been finished, you will receive an e-mail with your login information. Once you can view your website, you can email us back any changes that are necessary. Please reply within a reasonable time period otherwise we will consider the initial set up of your website complete. Once the initial set up is complete there are no further changes made on your website so it is important to give us all the information immediately during the initial set up process.

How do I change or edit the non-shopping cart section of my website?

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There are two ways to make changes: The first option is to use your cpanel; the second option is to use an html editing program.

Option 1

Step 1:
Open your internet browser and enter the following URL (replacing the word companyname with your domain)
Enter your username and password and click OK.

Step 2:
Click on the icon “file manager” and another window will pop up (so make sure if you have pop ups blocked on your internet you allow access by your own web site). Then click "Go".

Step 3:
Now you should see a list of folders. Click on the folder named “public_html”

Step 4:
Now you will see folders and page names listed in the center chart area. There are 5 pages on your website when it is set up. Index.html is the homepage; af clothing.html is your African clothing page; pc.html is your health and beauty page; art.html is your African art page; and contact us.html is your company information page
Choose which page you want to work on by clicking on the name of the page.

Step 5:
Once you have selected the page you want to edit click on the icon at the top of the screen labeled "HTML Editor".

Step 6:
A window will popup as shown below, just click "Edit" to continue to the editor.

Step 7:
Another screen will open up and you will see your webpage as you see it on the website but visible outlines of the tables made and more. From here you can add or edit the text of the page you are changing as well as add/remove images and make other changes. Watch the youtube video to learn how to add images, create links and more.

Step 8:
Once you have finished making changes and it looks the way you want click 'save'.

Step 9:
Always check the changes you have made by loading the page you changed in another window. If you do not see the changes right away, wait a minute and refresh your screen.

Option 2:

There are many html editors available, both commercial offerings and free open source software. Generally commercial software will be better supported and have more functionality. Examples of commercial software are Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage. The downside to commercial website editing software is that it can be expensive. Free open source software, though it does not come with support and may not be as functional as some commercial software is free and easy to try out. One software package that we have used that has worked reasonably well is called Amaya. You can find out more about this program and download it here.

You can find the five pages of your website when you login at the ftp site (to login using MS Internet explorer go to and in the tool bar click 'file' then 'login as'; then enter your username and password) Click on the public_html folder. There you will see 'index' (which is the homepage), 'coinfo' (which is your information page), 'af clothing.html', 'pc.html', and 'art.html' (which are your category pages). Copy these files to your computer then open those pages in your HTML editor to update them.

If you wish to add pictures to an html page you must copy the picture files to the 'images' folder which you can find at the ftp site, in the section 'public_html/images'. You can then add the images using the url images/imagename.jpg

Make sure you keep a back up of your files to protect yourself in case something happens to your live pages.

How do I edit my shopping cart?

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The shopping cart makes running your website simple. You can begin adding products immediately without any knowledge of code or programming using the administration section of the shopping cart.

The first step is to login to the administration section of your shopping cart:

Step 1:

Sign in to your shopping cart by going to http://yourdomain/shop/admin (replace yourdomain with your domain name) and when prompted enter your username and password.

Step 2:

Click on "catalog" in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Next click on the link that appears below the "catalog" link labeled "categories/products'"

Step 3:
From here you can see the three categories we set up for you. To create more click on the "new category" button located under the other categories. Type in the name of the category on the right hand side in the blank box, (an images is asked for but is not required) and click "save".

Step 4:
To add a product to a category (say..'African clothing') you need to open the category, you can do this by locating at the top right hand corner of the page "Go to" and a drop down menu that says 'top'. Use the drop down to select the category you want. Once you've selected the category you will see the products inside that category. From here you can click on the "new product" button. (Note that there is also the new category button, which allows you to create sub-categories under the category that you are in to help you organize your products.)

Step 5:
Fill in the form as follows:

  • Product Status (This should be set to In Stock)
  • Date Available (Leave this blank. You should only use this if you want to have an item be available in the future in which case you would enter a date in the future when the item will be available)
  • Products name (Enter the name of the product)
    Tax Class (Set to Taxable goods unless sales tax should not be charged on the item)
  • Products Price Net (Enter the price you want to charge for the item)
  • Products Price Gross (This will fill in automatically with the price including sales tax)
  • Products Description (Enter a description of the item here)
  • Products Quantity (Enter the quantity of the item that you want to have available on the site)
  • Products model (Leave this blank)
  • Products Image (Click the button under the words Main Image to select a thumbnail sized image of the product from your hard drive. Click the Add large image link and then click the Choose file button to add a large image of the item from your hard drive)
  • Products URL (Leave this blank)
  • Products Weight (Enter the weight of the item in pounds)

To see how to get this information needed for each item watch this youtube video to help you. Otherwise visit our website to copy and save the images needed for your site.


How do I get a merchant account?

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Click here to find out more about a merchant accounts.

How do I pay for my website?

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You can make your monthly payments in whatever way is easiest for you. We can charge your card automatically each month; you can e-mail us with a payment; you can make one larger payment to cover three months or one year at a time; or you can send a check in the mail.
Right now you can pay for the whole year in one payment of $59.50 and save $11.90. Otherwise the cost is $5.95 per month, after the initial purchase and setup price of $99.00.

How do I change my domain name?

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If you decide to change your domain name then there is a $30 fee for changing your domain after your site is created.

You can go to godaddy, Network Solutions or any other domain name registrar and purchase a domain name. After you have purchased your domain name you need to set your domains dns servers to and Let us know once this is done by emailing us at and we will then change your website over to the new domain name.

Here is a youtube video to help you change your DNS

How do I get the information to access my website?

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Once your website is set up we will e-mail you all the information you need to access your website. If for any reason you didn't receive the email (make sure to check your spam folder) please email us at to get the email re-sent to you.

I want to cancel my website?

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If you decide your website is not for you, please call us at 800-500-6120 or email us at to cancel your website.

Can I use the photos on for my website?

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Yes. You can find out more by clicking here

Do orders come to me or are they drop-shipped?

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The orders will come to you. You will interact with your customers, collect any payments and ship any merchandise to them. If you would prefer for us to ship items directly to your customers you can call us with the orders to have them drop-shipped to your customers. We will do all the packing and shipping with only your company information in the order for an additional $5.00 drop-shipping charge.

Find out more about drop-shipping by clicking here

How do I get rid of error messages on my shopping cart?

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There are many reasons that error messages may appear. There are two common reasons that are easy to fix.

One: you might have installed buySAFE. buySAFE doesn't work currently so we do not reccomend installing it. Uninstalling buySAFE from your shopping cart should get rid of the error messages. If you want to secure your shopping cart to be compatible with buySAFE you will need your own personal ssl which is currently not an option we offer with our hosting.

Two: Use Search-Engine Safe URLs is activated on your shopping cart. To fix this go to the admin section of your shopping cart, click the "configuration" link on the left, click on "My store" (listed below "configuration"), look in the center of the screen for "Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development)", click on this, click the edit button, select false and click the update button.

If, you are still getting error messages you can email us at

How do I get the pictures in my shopping cart to not look distorted?

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If your images look distorted you will need to resize the pictures and re-upload them to your shopping cart. You can do this by using an image editing program like MS paint (which is on any Windows based computer), The GIMP (free software) or Adobe Photoshop (paid commercial software).

Your images will look best if they are sized to be close to square. The shopping cart system automatically stretches or squeezes an image to fit a square area which is why the images may appear distorted.

How long will it take to have my site up and running
after I purchase it?

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After we have received the the answers to the questions that we need to complete your website it will usually take 1-3 business days to finish the setup.

How will anyone find my website?

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Promoting your site is one of the biggest hurdles to becoming a success. There are many ways to advertise your site. Below are a few of the most common options.

Go to and submit your site to Google.

Google and MSN have paid search term systems where you can pay to put advertising on their search result pages. Google also has a program called "AdSense" which you can use to advertise on others sites who are a part of their adsense program.

Check out the google paid advertising options here.
Check out the Yahoo paid advertising options here.

You can also promote your site through word of mouth by letting the people around you know about it. Print your website address on your business cards, add it to your store signage, tell your customers that you have a website and how to get there.

There are more options for promoting your site than we can list here, try searching on the internet and you will find numerous sources of information on how to get customers to your site.

Can I carry products that are not from Africa Imports?

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This is your website so you can add any products from anywhere that you wish. If you will be reselling our products, you can use any pictures, descriptions, and price suggestions from our website that you want. If you use products of your own you will have to add your own pictures and descriptions.

How do I set up email accounts?

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First you have to sign into your cpanel ( using the username and password you were given. Click on the icon that says email accounts (circled in red below).

Click on add/remove/manage accounts.
Click add account.
From here you will set up your new email account with a password. Once created, you can access your mail by going back to where you created your account and you will see it listed. Click on more/webmail to the right of the email account in the blue writing. And choose your webmail program you want to use.

How do I create colors and sizes for products in my shopping cart?

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When you login to your shopping cart, click on "catalog" and select "Products Attributes". Here you will see the product options, option values, and product attributes that we set up for the existing products in your shopping cart.

If your option value already exists (such as color or scent):

  • Check to see if the option value already has been created (you will have to look through all of the option values in the upper right section. For example, if you want to add the color purple to an item you can see that the option value purple is already setup, so you do not have to add it to that upper right section again. But if you want to add a new value that does not already exist then you need to enter it by choosing the option name from the drop down box (located at the bottom of the upper right section) and enter the value in the en: (English) box. Once you've entered the value you want Click insert.
  • Once your value exists, you can then assign the value to a product. Go to the bottom section of the page (titled Products Attributes) and select your item, option name, and value from the drop down boxes (at the bottom of the page). Leave the Value price blank. Then click insert. You will need to repeat this for each color/size/scent that you wish to assign to an item. For example if you have an item that is available in red and black you would choose the item, select color and then black. Next you would choose the item, select color and choose red.

If you are trying to add another option:

  • If you don't see the option value you'd like for your product, you will have to create the option value.
  • Under product options enter the option you would like to add in the en: (English) box. Click insert. For instance if an item you created had different flavors you could add Flavor as an option.
  • Then under option value select the option name you just created in the drop down box and enter the value into the en: (English) box. Do this step as many times as you have values to enter.
  • Once your option values exists, you can select your item, option name, and value from the drop down box in the Products Attributes section at the bottom of the page. Then click insert.

How Do I...? All the basic install questions regularly asked. 

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All the basic install questions regularly asked..., change text, boxes, layout, fonts, dates, breadcrumb and more...

How to setup paypal website payments?

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A very easy, to the point tutorial to get you going in minutes

CPanel User Guide

How do I change the Privacy Notice, Shipping and returns and Conditions of use pages on the shopping cart?

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  1. Open the admin section of the shopping cart.
  2. Click on the Tools button on the lower left.
  3. Click on the Define Languages link.
  4. The "shipping.asp" link towards the bottom of the screen is the shipping info page. Click on this.
  5. The lines at the end of the file you opened will be as follows:

    define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason at all, you can return your item(s) for a full refund or exchange: whichever you choose. All returns must be undamaged and returned within 30 days of your purchase for a complete refund. There is no refund of shipping costs or returned merchandise.');

    The section in single quotes that starts with 'If you are unhappy... and ends with ...returned merchandise.' is the section that you want to change. Make sure to leave the single quotes there with your new text contained between them.

    The privacy notice is privacy.php and can be edited in the same way as the shipping.asp page. Just look for the single quoted section that matches what you see when you are on your site.

    Conditions and use is conditions.php
    contact us is contact_us.php

How to get all of the product photos and descriptions?

You can download all of the product information from Africa Imports to use on your own website. Full instructions here.


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