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    Set Of 96 Oils - 1/3 oz.

    SKU: O-SE96
    Availability: 4 in stock
    Retail Price: $379.90
    Set of Oils Includes 96 Of Our Best Selling Fragrances! O-SE96
    Packing Weight : 7.62 lb(s)
    i h
    Set of Oils Includes 96 Of Our Best Selling Fragrances! Set includes:
    Oil sets may change without notice
    African Musk Green (M) Type
    Angel (W) Type
    Acqua Di Gio (M) Type
    Ambar White Type
    Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M) Type
    Al-Rehab: Golden Sand (M) Type
    Baby Powder (W) Type
    Beautiful (W) Type
    Blue Nile Type
    Butt Naked Type
    Black Man (M) Type
    Bath & Bodyworks: Beautiful Day (W) Type
    Barack Obama (M) Type
    Black Woman Type
    Beyonce : Heat (W) Type
    Black Butter Type
    Black Woman: Unique (W) Type
    Bleu De Chanel (M) Type
    Baby Powder: Clear
    Black Orchid (W) Type
    China Musk
    Coolwater (M) Type
    Chanel N° 5 (W) Type
    Chrome (M) Type
    Creed: Aventus (M) Type
    Creed: Aventus For Her (W) Type
    Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre (W) Type
    Caribbean Salsa
    Creed: Imperial (M) Type
    Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle (W) Type
    Drakkar Noir (M) Type
    Dolce & Gabbana (M) Type
    Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue (W) Type
    Dior: Sauvage (M) Type
    Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue (M) Type
    Dior: Sauvage Eau De Parfum (M) Type
    Egyptian Musk
    Egyptian Musk: Clear
    Frank & Myrrh
    Flower Bomb (W) Type
    Gucci: Guilty (W) Type
    Gucci: Guilty (M) Type
    Gucci: Guilty Intense (M) Type
    Gucci: Bloom (W) Type
    Issey Miyake (M) Type
    I Am King (M) Sean John Type
    Issey Miyake (W) Type
    Joop! (M) Type
    Jamaican Fruit
    JPG : Le Male (M) Type
    Jimmy Choo (W) Type
    Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy (W) Type
    Japanese Cherry Blossom (W) Type
    Jimmy Choo: Man (M) Type
    Jimmy Choo: Blue (M) Type
    Lick Me All Over Type
    Love Spell (W) Type
    Lancome: La Vie Est Belle (W) Type
    Michael Kors (W) Type
    Michelle Obama (W) Type
    Mango Butter
    Michelle Obama: Renaissance (W) Type
    Nag Champa
    Niki Minaj: Pink Friday (W) Type
    Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W) Type
    Obsession (M) Type
    Opium (W) Type
    One Million (M) Type
    Perry Ellis 360 (W) Type
    Patti Labelle (W) Type
    Polo Black (M) Type
    Polo: Blue (M) Type
    Paris Hilton (W) Type
    Pink Sugar (W) Type
    Pink Sugar: Sensual (W) Type
    Polo: Red (M) Type
    Paco Rabanne: Invictus (M) Type
    Red Egyptian Musk
    Rihanna: Riri (W) Type
    Sandalwood: Egyptian
    Sandalwood: Classic
    Versace: Bright Crystal (W) Type
    Victoria's Secret: Bombshell (W) Type
    Versace: Eros (M) Type
    Victoria's Secret: Love Pink (W) Type
    White Diamonds (W) Type
    Watermelon Swirl
    Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium (W) Type


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    Anthony | 4/20/2013 8:52 AM
    The 96 oil set is absolutel…
    The 96 oil set is absolutely amazing! Every single oil has a unique fragrance. I'm so happy with this purchase.
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    Paula | 12/9/2015 9:16 AM
    I am pleased with the varie…
    I am pleased with the variety of ouls in this set. My only complaint is that one bottle leaked during transport. The cap was loose.
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