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    Niger, West Africa

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    Tuareg Flat Black Etched Bracelet

    Wholesale Price$4.95

    Medium Leather Tote Bag

    Only the Best for your Belongings
    Carry your things in safety and style with these small exotic bags. Hand-made out of genuine leather for a strong, durable finish that is long-lasting. An amazing functional accessory that will keep carrying in style year-round. 18" tall. Strap is 16" long. Made in Niger. C-A023

    How to get the smell out of leather.
    Wholesale Price$21.95

    Large Leather Bag

    Best selling!
    Large leather tote bags from Niger. Large and portable at 20-24" made out of real leather. Strap is 28" long. Colors vary. Made in Niger. C-A022

    How to get the smell out of leather.
    Wholesale Price$27.95

    Tuareg Etched Plate Bracelet

    Hand-Crafted by the Nomads in Africa
    These Tuareg Silver etched plate bracelets give you an authentic piece of African history to wear on your wrist. Tuareg silver is an alloy of silver and copper; and is crafted by the travelling nomadic groups in Niger.
    Color and designs vary.
    Bracelets are adjustable. J-TB028 taureg tuareg tooreg touareg
    Wholesale Price$4.95

    Set Of 6 Tuareg Silver Earrings

    6 Shimmering Tuareg Silver Looks
    Have six authentic, cultural looks for each day with this set of six Tuareg silver earrings. Each earring is hand-crafted and etched with traditional Tuareg markings. A perfect way to add a touch of Africa to your look each day. Made in Niger. J-TE001 taureg tuareg tooreg touareg
    Wholesale Price$29.95